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CPAWS polar bear campaign

Writing new copy across multiple platforms for CPAWS Manitoba’s long-standing letter signing campaign

to protect the province’s polar bears.

Polar Bears



The primary goal is to increase the number of online petitions signed, with a secondary goal of raising awareness of the threat to polar bears in Manitoba.



The primary target audience is baby boomers with a passion for family, conservation, and leisurely outdoor activities and a secondary audience of millennials working within policy or environmental fields with interests in climate action and outdoor activities.

Polar Bears


Polar Bear


The newsletter had an open rate more than 6% higher and a click rate of 1% higher than the organization’s average from the past

6 months. 


The Facebook ads performed well, with one achieving a nearly 42% conversion rate. 


Social media posts and ads ran alongside these efforts,

as well as a print ad in the Winnipeg Free Press.


Within 3 months, the number of signed petitions increased

by almost 70%.


The work


Social media ad

Newspaper ad

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