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OIWF youth forum

Project management and copywriting to increase registration for the Ottawa International Writers Festival (OIWF) annual youth forum.

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The goal of this project was to increase registration and attendance of the OIWF's annual multi-day Youth Forum, an event dedicated to showcasing the writing and creativity of local youth. With less than one month until the event and low registration numbers, I crafted and executed a social media campaign to boost registrations.



The audience was millennials and gen X with children, disposable income, a love for reading or writing,

and a passion for youth-related social issues.

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After conducting stakeholder interviews, target audience research, and a social media audit, I crafted key messages for the team to use across platforms, which I also utilized in writing social media copy for posts and ads to increase event registration.


As a result, in less than one month event registration increased by 77%, Twitter following increased by 1,200%, and Facebook following increased by 483%.

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