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NWHN landing page

Writing a landing page to boost submissions to the National Women's Health Network's Young Feminist,

an article series within their quarterly print newsletter, to ensure a consistent pipeline of content.

Female Student



The primary purpose of the landing page is to entice readers to submit abstracts for the article series, allowing NWHN staff to vet potential authors and create a pipeline for newsletters with an easier process than what they were currently undertaking. The secondary goal was to foster relationships with younger Americans to nurture them into supporting NWHN long-term.



The target audience is female students and young adults aged 18 to 30 across America with a passion for health and feminism. They are beginning their careers or making a career change and want to bolster their portfolio with published work by a credible non-profit.

Female College Students
Female Student


What the client thinks

"Not only is Stacy an incredible copy editor, she's also a skilled copywriter, project manager, public relations professional, and strategic thinker. Seriously - work with her. You won't regret it and we'll probably end up fighting for her valuable time."


Adele Costa, Director of Communications,

National Women's Health Network


The work

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